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Classic Crooner Love Songs

 ‘Nice and easy does it. A collection of songs in the style of the crooners popular from the 50s to the present day’ – Composed by Bob Saker and Brian Dee

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that special time of the year

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Compositions for Advertising

I have sung on hundreds of TV, film and  commercials.  I have sung on a huge amount of tracks, either as a sound- alike or as a lead vocal on an a succession of old standards, usually, it seems, because the particular song I’m performing has the word “Best”, Good” Sunshine” Morning” or some such word in the title- something close to what the advertiser wants to convey about the product. This usually is an expensive item for an advertising agency ( The Buy Out) and the lyrics usually are not totally suitable for the product; for instance I’ve  performed “Good Morning” several times (as Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain”) Each time the message was meant to be about enjoying “getting up in the morning” , while the lyric is very clearly about not going to bed, and staying up all night talking.

So I decided to write Songs, with all the user-friendly titles I could think of, so that the song would survive on its own as a “song” as well as a commercial, and not sound merely as a “Jingle”

Of course there is good sense in using a famous song,when one is buying into the fame and renown of the peice, but when you are paying heavily for a title, beacause it merely has a word like “Bright” “Happy” or enjoy”  in the lyric, it would make more financial and creative sense to utilise a piece that will provide exclusivity to the client, so that the same tune couldn’t  be used on another product 6 months later, when the new product could reap the rewards of the exposure of the tune funded by the original advertiser.

These songs, I hope sound like “Songs” of a particular period and style. My main aim is for them not to sound like the normal Library “filler” stuff.

All lyrics will be structured as “songs” as well as “advertising” and will all cut to 30, 60 and so on.


Latest compilation of retro-style music written and performed by Bob Saker.

Little We Learn of Love

Just A Cup of Coffee

Spiggy Booker Back Door

Ain’t That Just Like Love

April Afternoon

Christmas The Way It Ought To Be

Everybody Oughta Get A Gun

On A Night Like This

Bob Saker sings with Alan Hawkshaw’s big band, redefining the standards of the American songbook with brand new quality material.

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